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Awards of Excellence Extra Thick - Per Customer Request: Tijuana Taxi Sauce & Pulled Pork Sauce

Welcome to 3 Taxi Guys

Taxicab Gift BoxYou want good Barbeque sauces and rubs, well then you’re in the right spot. 3 Taxi guys’ sauces and rubs are the favorite for BBQ and grilling. Regardless if you’re a backyard enthusiast (which is where we made all this stuff) or a restaurant chef all your BBQ will taste better with 3 taxi guys, it’s Cabilicious that’s right Cabilicious.

Created by three guys who own taxi companies from Pittsburgh, Atlanta and San Francisco that’s how we came up with Cabilicious! Try the sauces and rubs on chicken, fish, lamb, beef and of course on pork.

Currently offered are three of our favorites, Sweet and Sassy, the perfect sweet sauce for everyday use, Budda Bing Wing Sauce, great for spicing chicken, and Tijuana Taxi Sauce, that’s right BB-Q with a Hispanic twist.

So join the thousand’s who have enjoyed our sauce in backyards across America and abroad and order some 3 Taxi Guys today (we need the money). Rick, Jamie and John

Sweet and Sassy BBQ
Budda Bing Wing Sauce


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